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Middlesex County is a vibrant, growing community of 74,000 residents located in the heart of southwestern Ontario.

The County benefits from close urban markets, plentiful transportation links and a robust infrastructure network.

Middlesex County has a diverse economy including a strong foundation in agriculture, agri-food and manufacturing, along with growing retail, logistics, construction and service sectors.

Learn more about life and work in Middlesex County at www.investinmiddlesex.ca

When the work is done, Middlesex County offers residents safe communities, , state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, affordable housing, diverse educational opportunities, easy commutes and bountiful recreation and cultural choices in a picturesque setting. The unique villages, towns and rural communities have great attractions for residents and tourists, including museums, parks, nature trails, golf, historical buildings, campgrounds, sugar bushes, crafts, entertainment and much more.

Thinking of paying Middlesex County a visit? Discover exciting events and destinations to explore via the County’s tourism website at www.visitmiddlesex.ca

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